Saturday, January 3, 2009

This time two years ago I was in London for the first time. We had celebrated New Years in Amsterdam, Paris and rounded out the trip in London. So I’ve been lamenting over that fabulous trip. One that we will not be taking again anytime soon because of the financial meltdown of 2008. This week I’ve been cruising websites to fill my need for European design.

I found LOMBOK. How Oh How could I have missed this store?? I would just like to run my fingers over some of this teak furniture. It looks like chocolate! And I just love their approach to their displays. I could just move right in. In my opinion the English are always the best at conservatory furnishings and LOMBOK just proves that out.

LOMBOK is Eastern inspired décor with a truly English twist. While I’m not a huge fan of Asian furniture I do like the LOMBOK take on Oriental design. The big plus for me is the attention paid to using recycled and natural materials in their designs. I firmly believe this is the future of design on all levels. This is one area that our industry can change the perception of “used” into unique and it’s crucial that we all get on board to save the environment.

With the designs that LOMBOK creates you can have a high end piece of furniture and rest easy that you’re doing your part to support the environment.

So check out LOMBOK’s bookcases! Nice wide selection but I’m drawn to the Half Height Bromo Bookcase. This could fit into any room and would look good with an eclectic collection or books.

I’m particularly attracted to the Canton Desk. Rugged yet sophisticated, clean, dark, beautiful. Made of ash with a traditional black lacquer rubbed out. I’m always looking for a good sturdy desk.

I’m also a fan of the traditional wooden bookcases. While you can purchase these in the U.S. it’s the Indonesian Teak wood that is desirable and hard to find in furnishings here.

Right now is a good time too because SALES ARE GOING ON! There just isn’t a better time to make that overseas purchase.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Halstead Antiques at Round Top

The first show of the year just wrapped up at Round Top and Marburger Farms in Texas last weekend. I still haven't found the time to make the trip down to Texas to see this extraordinary antique flea market show. Every year Liz and I start dreaming about it in Feb then March rolls around and by the time that we'd have to make the decision to go, the hotels are booked plus we'd have to drive. We would of course be buying fabulous things and no airline would allow us to carry on the items I'd have to have.

So we live vicariously through our friend Carol Halstead. Carol owns Halstead Antiques and works with a partner, Betty Johnson who owns Applejack Antiques. Both in Texas, they are exclusive to the Round Top shows. Carol's passion is toward the architectural, garden with some country, sconces and some art and Betty goes more for the "dressy." "It makes for a nice mix and I think that's one of the draws to our booth plus we offer reasonable prices." Carol's interest in antiques started when she was a teenager and she's collected various things and visited antique shops since that time--accumulating way too much, she decided to start selling. Betty has been in the business for over 20 years.
"I truly love buying and hunting for our treasures and it is a lot of fun meeting our customers and visiting with them." "It feels really good when you find a treasure to pass on to someone who also loves it." Carol sent us photos of her booth at Round Top. They inspire us and I hope they do you too. Visit Carol and Betty at booths 323 & 324 at the next show this fall.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27th 2008

Where oh where is Spring?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Electronics Recycling

I don't know about you but, along side my regular paper and plastic recycling I have been collecting a myriad of other items that I don't think I should throw in the garbage. So over time I have accumulated quite a pile of items that are collecting dust and taking up space in various corners of my home. There is an old TV, well not the whole TV, it was big, once it went kaput it really took up a lot of space. It was too big and heavy for me to move so I took it apart and while it is still too heavy to move it can be concealed much better. But I digress, in addition to this TV tube, I still have my very first computer and monitor (a Tandy) a keyboard, a mouse, broken antenna, busted cd player, a really old cell phone and more but you get my point. Where do you get rid of this stuff?

Now to my point I found this website and it gives you information on electronics recycling by zip code. My Green Electronics.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Second Day Of Spring 2008

I think the picture says it all.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update , Reusing, Reviving a Bathtub

Here is the finished bathroom. Thank you to our customer for remembering us and sending on these photos it really is one of the best things when we get to see the items that we salvaged given a new life.

Click here for the original post.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Planet Reuse
Today is the greenest of all days during the year thanks to the Irish! It's also the launch day for a new green website, Planet Reuse brings anyone interested in building green, together on their website.
It's like Ebay for builders, Designers, Architects, Salvage Companies, and DIYers. Yours truly has a listing along with several other salvage companies. Over time this may be the best place to start when looking for materials. Because we all have a specialty area (like I avoid flooring projects for instance) Planet Reuse will allow you to search for green materials for all aspects of the project rather than having to shop each piece at different locations. Check them out and bookmark them at Planet Reuse!
Why didn't I think of this? Good going Brad and team!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reusing, Reviving, Reinventing Bathtubs

One of the nicest things about our business is that we often get to see what people do with the items they buy from us. We really do think of ourselves as responsible for finding good homes for the items we sell. Kind of like a matchmaker. This is a story about a perfect match.

Steve and his wife drove up from Urbana, Il. last summer in hopes of finding a vintage, left hand drain, art deco corner tub with a “wrap around” apron. A hard to find piece and it had to be in excellent condition. It was a serendipitous moment as we had just received word on such a tub. We moved quickly to rescue the tub and bring it back to the store for Steve to see. Here's a recent email from Steve:

Tabitha and Liz, I'm a customer from over a year ago, but we're finally going on our bathroom project and I wanted to forward you a picture that includes the centerpiece, an awesome corner tub that DIDN'T need refinishing, that you helped me cram into a little white toyota station wagon last year and drive down to Urbana. Our contractor was so skeptical when he sweated the dirty tub (in our garage for a year) up our narrow staircase, "what the heck are these guys thinking?" Since I cleaned it up, it's been the talk and pride of him and every subcontractor to come through. It's awesome! Thank you guys for finding it for us. I'll forward another picture when it's all done.

Before After

Monday, March 3, 2008

Playing with Color (again)

We have had these stars for a while now and decided to give them a fresh look with some new paints I have. The dark blue is from a company called Citron Paint and the coverage is great and no smell. The colors are deep and rich. This color is called Suffragette. The greenish star, I used one of the Benjamin Moore Aura paints called Lush. They are resting in this cool antique shopping cart that we just pickedup.

Monday, February 25, 2008

FliptStudio Update

I posted a couple of weeks ago about this new blog and how Shelly had given my step by step instructions for upholstering an old coffee table. Well she has since added that to her blog here is the link

How to Make an Upholstered Bench Out of An Old Coffee Table
A trip to one of my local Goodwill stores yielded this ugly, stained wooden table, probably homemade, but perfect for a conversion.